A Pioneer in Indian Jackfruit Based Industry

 We are an enterprise whose value chain is designed and operated with a deep sense of commitment to a triple-bottom-line: social, environmental, and economic value creation. We love doing it the hard way to ensure that we have the best food product for you that is ‘fair’ and committed to the ecological cycle, and socio-economic mobilization for the farmers that grow it for you. – Team HEBON



Many prominent public personalities and eminent professionals came together under the leadership of visionary Mr. Subhash to address the challenges of globalized marketing and wastage of agricultural jackfruit organic products. These personalities identified the basic needs of indian farmer for their development and growth. Thereafter ARTOCARPUS FOODS PVT LTD was set up to cater to the core needs of Jackfruit value additons. Initially established in 2014, we are trying our best to give better services and products to farmers and clients and help achieve the wasted fruit achieve income to farmers and tribals

Our Certification

  • Company have motto to promote organic farming of jackfruit in india.
  • Company is going to open 6 new training centers for farmers in 2017 across India.
  • From 14 November, 2017 company is going to provide funds for jackfruit organic certifications of farms
  • Till 2017 company is going to launch a "State-Indoor Organic Jackfruit Product".
  • Till 2017 company is going to tieup with 256 food shop centers in south india, where company will sale and purchase the organic products.
  • Till 2020 we would be the largest jackfruit exporter from Asia
  • Till 2020 company want to attach 32,000 farmers from organic Jackfruit farming in south India.
  • Make jackfurit wastage zero percent in India by 2020

Empower farmers and stakeholders for providing value additions on jackfruit through various programmes. Also advise the State / Central Governments on the Jackfruit development through trade and business policies and training programs for farmers and help the best product goes across the customers worldwide



Mr. Subhash Koroth, founder of Artocarpus Foods, is an engineer-turned- entrepreneur who decided to make the modest jackfruit an internationally aspirational fruit; giving the fruit a recognition beyond its modest identity. Seeing the fruit as a highly wasted fruit, he decided to bring a change by looking at this as an entrepreneurial opportunity to make this neglected fruit an aspirational food for vegans and non-vegans alike. This made him start the first jackfruit processing company in India, which has triggered a new business sector for processed food products in the country, as well as advocating sustainable ‘green’ entrepreneurship. His efforts have been covered by very significant national dailies like the The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, Malayala Manorama , India Together, Civil Society Online, FNB News, The Wire and The Standard. The potential of this fruit in solving a major problem pertaining to the lack of a meat alternative, is the forefront of the leadership of Mr. Koroth and the rest of the board members of the company.